Job Description

PURPOSE OF POSITION:To provide quality health care in an outpatient clinic setting to the patients of Harney District Hospital Family Care Clinic. 


  •  Conduct comprehensive physical assessment; establish diagnoses and treatment plans for common illnesses and conditions.
  •  Prescribe and manage medications.
  •  Order, perform, and interpret laboratory tests.  Order imaging procedures and other outpatient procedures as needed. 
  •  Refer patients to appropriate specialty physicians and other health care providers as deemed necessary.
  •  Provide patient education and promote patient health and wellness.
  •  Manage acute and chronic conditions in patients. 
  •  Regularly consult with physicians on patient care issues and if deemed necessary, refer patients to HDH Family Care physicians. 
  •  Document the assessment and treatment plan in patient chart in a clear, concise and timely manner. Submit charges that support the level of  service and documentation for services rendered.
  •  Participate in regular provider meetings to identify and improve clinic processes and functions.
  •  Utilize the skills and abilities of the clinical support staff efficiently and appropriately.
  •  Provide health services in the RHC Clinic and be available to provide patient care for at least 50% of the time that the clinic operates.
  •  Adhere to the Collaborative Agreement with providers of HDH Family Care.
  •  Participate in the development and review of Rural Health Clinic (RHC) policies, procedures and services and offer recommendations for revisions  as needed.   
  •  Follow established departmental policies and procedures, objectives, quality assurance measures and safety standards. 
  •  Maintain professional, cooperative working relationship with physicians, care providers, hospital staff, other healthcare organizations, and the  public to provide quality customer service in a courteous manner.
  •  Maintain work areas in a clean, orderly and secure manner. 


  •  MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS: Broad knowledge of health care, patient care principles and practices.  Possession of a degree from accredited  school for Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners.   Must possess a current, unencumbered, Oregon license for NP or PA.  Must be in good  standing with the respective Oregon Licensing Board.  Must have current Federal DEA license.
  •  DESIRABLE REQUIREMENTS: At least 5 years experience in a family practice setting.